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The following publications are those of the University of Georgia Laboratory of Archaeology. Entitled the Laboratory of Archaeology Series Reports, this series was begun in 1960 by Arthur R. Kelly, the founder of the University of Georgia Department of Anthropology as well as the Laboratory of Archaeology. These publications were printed for sale for numbers 1-39.  We have had very limited success in selling these in recent years, and as of early 2011 we have decided to make the Lab Series a PDF download series only.  We anticipate adding many new titles in the coming months.  All the publications listed here are in searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF format, with the size listed in megabytes after each title.

1. A Weeden Island Burial Mound in Decatur County, Georgia and Related Sites on the Lower Flint River. Arthur R. Kelly. 1960. (5.2 MB)

2. Archaeological Salvage in the Oliver Basin. By Edward V. McMichael and James H. Kellar. 1960. (19.5 MB)

3. The Chauga Site in Oconee County, South Carolina. Arthur R. Kelly and Robert S. Neitzel. 1961. (12.5 MB)

4. Archaeological Salvage in the Morgan Falls Basin By Clemens DeBaillou and Aboriginal Stone Constructions in the Southern Piedmont By Phillip E. Smith. 1962. (7.9 MB)

5. Survey of Archaeological Sites in Clay and Quitman Counties, Georgia. By Arthur R. Kelly, Richard Nonas, Bettye Broyles, Clemens DeBaillou, David Chase, and Frank T. Schnell, Jr. 1962. (8.9 MB)

6. Archaeological Investigations of the Pott's Tract Site (9Mu103) Carter's Dam, Murray County, Georgia. By David Hally. 1970. (12.6 MB)

7. Archaeological Survey of the Elbert County, Georgia Portion of the Proposed Trotters Shoals Reservoir, Savannah River. By Brooks Hutto. 1970. (6.1 MB)

8. Final Report on Archaeological Excavations at the Mandeville Site, 9Cla1, Clay County, Georgia. By James Kellar, Arthur R. Kelly, and Edward V. McMichael. 1962. (7.8 MB)

9. Artifacts from the Sites of Three Nineteenth Century Houses and Ditches at Darien Bluff, Georgia. By C. Malcolm Watkins. 1970. (7.6 MB)

10. Oconee: Temporary Boundary. By Caroline C. Hunt. 1973. (18.8 MB)

11. Patterns of Prehistoric Site Distribution in Effingham and Screven Counties Georgia. By Paul Robert Fish. 1976. (8.9 MB)

12. Analysis of Late Prehistoric Settlement on Ossabaw Island, Georgia. By Charles Edward Pearson. 1977. (14.8 MB)

13. Late Archaic Settlement in the Big Slough Watershed. By Paul Robert Fish and William W. Mitchell. 1976. (4.2 MB)

14. Prehistoric Settlement in the Dry Creek Watershed. By Paul R. Fish and Suzanne K. Fish. 1977. (4.6 MB)

15. An Examination of Interfluvial Settlement in the Georgia Southern Piedmont: The Georgia Power Company Plant Scherer Archaeological Survey. By Suzanne K. Fish, Paul R. Fish, and Richard W. Jefferies. 1978. (11.1 MB)

16. Excavations at Several Woodland and Archaic Camp Workshop Sites in Laurens County, Georgia. By Marvin T. Smith. 1978. (6.4 MB)

17. Investigations of Two Stone Mound Localities, Monroe County, Georgia. By Richard W. Jefferies and Paul R. Fish. 1978. (6.5 MB)

18. Archaeological Investigation of the Little Egypt Site (9Mu102), Murray County, Georgia, 1969 Season. By David Hally. 1979. (41.6 MB)

19. (Number never Used)

20. Intra-Site Phosphate Analysis: A Test Case at Cold Springs. By Elizabeth Crabill Shirk. 1979. (9.1 MB)

21. Chert Resources in Georgia: Archaeological and Geological Perspectives. By Sharon I. Goad. 1979. (9.9 MB)

22. Archaeology and Historical Geography of the Savannah River Floodplain Near Augusta, Georgia. By Daniel Elliott and Roy Doyon. 1981. (21.3 MB)

23. Mississippi Period Archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Zone. By Morgan R. Crook, Jr. 1986. (11.8 MB)

24. Mississippi Period Archaeology of the Georgia Piedmont. By David J. Hally and James L. Rudolph. 1986. (17.0 MB)

25. Mississippi Period Archaeology of the Georgia Valley and Ridge Province. By David J. Hally and James B. Langford, Jr. 1988. (17.4 MB)

26. Mississippi Period Archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Plain. By Frank T. Schnell and Newell O. Wright, Jr. 1993. (2.9 MB)

27. Mississippi Period Archaeology of the Blue Ridge Mountains. By Jack T. Wynn. 1990. (4.5 MB)

28. Paleoindian Period Archaeology of Georgia. By David G. Anderson, Jr., R. Jerald Ledbetter, and Lisa O’Steen. 1990. (9.3 MB)

29. W.P.A. Archaeological Excavations in Chatham County: 1937-1942. By Chester B. DePratter. 1992. (11.2 MB)

30. Historic Period Indian Archaeology of Northern Georgia. By Marvin T. Smith. 1992. (5.1 MB)

31. Historic Period Indian Archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Zone. By David Hurst Thomas. 1993. (4.0 MB)

32. Archaeological Investigations at the Dyar Site. 9GE5. By Marvin T. Smith. 1994. (8.1 MB)

33. Woodland Period Archaeology of Northern Georgia. By W. Dean Wood and William R. Bowen. 1995. (2.7 MB)

34. Historic Indian Period Archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Plain. By Chad O. Braley. 1995. (3.7 MB)

35. Archaic Period Archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Plain and Coastal Zone. By Daniel T. Elliott and Kenneth E. Sassaman. 1995. (12.3 MB)

36. Woodland Period Archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Plain. By Karl T. Steinen. 1995. (2.6 MB)

37. Excavations at Mound B, Etowah: 1954-1958.  By Adam King. 2001. (6.4 MB)

38. Archaic Period Archaeology of North Georgia .  By William F. Stanyard 2003. (19.9 Mb)

39. Historical Archaeology in Georgia.  By J.W. Joseph, Theresa M. Hamby, and Catherine S. Long. 2004. (14.2 MB)

40. The 1970-71 Field Seasons at Bell Field Mound, Carters Dam. By A. R. Kelly. 1972. (27 MB).

41.  Soapstone Use in the Wallace Reservoir. By Daniel Thornton Elliott. 1981. (6.5 MB)

42.  The Joe Bell Site: Seventeenth Century Lifeways on the Oconee River. By John Mark Williams. 1983. (147 MB).

43.  Excavations at Bell Field Mound and Village: Seasons 1965-1968. By A. R. Kelly. 1969. (19.2 MB).

44.  Archaeological Investigations at Site 9MG90. By Marvin T. Smith. 1981. (2.0 MB)

45.  Archaeological Investigations at the Rockshelter Site 9GE150. By Marvin T. Smith. 1981. (1.4 MB)

46.  Archaeological Investigations at the Ogeltree Site, 9GE153. By Marvin T. Smith, David J. Hally, and Gary Shapiro. 1981. (2.9 MB)

47.  Archaeological Investigations at 9PM207. By Kay Wood. 1981. (1.4 MB)

48.  Archaeological Investigations at 9GE162. By Marvin T. Smith and David J. Hally. 1981. (1.9 MB)

49.  Geoarchaeology of the Oconee Reservoir. By George A. Brook. 1981. (2.5 MB)

50.  Archaeological Investigations at 9PM260. By Mary Kathleen Manning. 1982. (2.8 MB)

51.  An Interpretation of a Late Archaic Period Site in Piedmont Georgia. By Anne Rogers. 1982. (6.5 MB)

52.  Archaeological Investigations at Site 9PM220. By James L. Rudolph and David J. Hally. 1982. (2.7 MB)

53.  Archaeological Investigations at Site 9PM212. By David J. Hally and James L. Rudolph. 1982. (2.2 MB)

54.  Archaeological Investigations at Site 9GE145. By David J. Hally. 1982. (22.1 MB)

55.  Site Variability in the Oconee Province: A Late Mississippian Society of the Georgian Piedmont. By Gary Shapiro. 1983. (119 MB)

56.  Early Archaic Settlement Patterns in the Wallace Reservoir: An Inner Piedmont Perspective. By Lisa Diane O’Steen. 1983. (58.9 MB)

57.  The Wallace Mitigation Survey: An Overview. By Thomas H. Gresham. 1987. (18.2 MB)

58.  Nineteenth Century Foodways in Piedmont Georgia. By Karen Green Wood. 1983. (34.5 MB).

59.  Archaeological Excavations at 9PM201, Putnam County, Georgia. By Christopher James Webster. 2010. (96.6 MB).

60.  9MG73: The Swords Bridge Site. By Richard A. Moss. 2010. (24.8 MB).

61.  Wallace Project Backhoe Testing Program. By Robert Jerald Ledbetter. 1978. (31.8 MB).

62.  An Archaeological Survey of the Wallace Dam Tailrace. By W. Dean Wood and David J. Hally. 1977. (2.9 MB).

63.  Survey and Excavations of the Archaeological Resources of the Allatoona Reservoir. By Joseph R. Caldwell.  2011. (23.3 MB).

64.  An Analysis of Two Early Woodland Households from the Cane Island Site, 9Pm209.  By William Dean Wood.  1981.  (22.5 MB).

65.  Settlement Pattern Analysis of the Late Mississippian Period in Piedmont Georgia. By Chung Ho Lee. 1977 (65.2 MB)

66.   The 1974-75 Archaeological Survey in the Wallace Reservoir: Greene, Hancock, Morgan, and Putnam Counties, Georgia.  By Chester B. DePratter.  1976 (43.5 MB).

67.  Excavations at the Sweetgum Site (9MG245), Morgan County Georgia: 1990 Field Season  By Katherine C. Graham.  2012.  (33 MB).

68.  Population, Settlement, and Subsistence in the Oconee Valley, Georgia. By James Rudolph 1994 (59 MB).

69.  The Tunachunhee Site: Evidence of Hopewell Interaction in Northwest Georgia. By Richard W. Jefferies 1976. (89 MB).

70.  Kolomoki Memoirs.  By William H. Sears 2013 (1 MB).

71.  Excavations at Etowah: 1953.  By William H. Sears (8.2 MB).

72. Late Prehistoric and Historic Chiefdoms in the Southeastern United States. By Chester B. DePratter 1983 (12.3MB).

73. Archaeological Test Excavations in the Allatoona Reservoir, Northwestern Georgia. By Carl F. Miller 2013 (16.4MB).

74. Irene Mound Site, Chatham County, Georgia. By Joseph Caldwell and Catherine McCann. 1941 (13.5MB).

75. Excavations at Kolomoki Season I - 1948. By William H. Sears 1948 (20.2 MB).

76. Excavations at Kolomoki Season II - 1950. By William H. Sears 1950 (27 MB).

77. Excavations at Kolomoki Season III and IV  - Mound D. By William H. Sears 1952 (92.6 MB).

78. Excavations at Kolomoki  - Final Report. By William H. Sears 1956 (99.9 MB).

79. A Morphological Analysis of the Tugalo Phase Vessel ASsemblage.  By Gwyneth Ann Duncan 1985 (35.6 MB).


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